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GTA Liberty City Stories PC Edition Beta 3.1.1.exe [Latest 2022]




File name File size is 37 KB. Created on Monday, July 9, 2017 at 15:19:05 (PDT) Because of security reasons we can not provide direct link to this file. Instead we provide download button that will start download process. After that you can download it yourself using any third party file-sharing software. Please feel free to report any problems to our site administrator. Thanks for your attention. Files downloaded from our website are placed on page pages (or its mirrors) for quick, free and easy access. But if you find any legal issues with files you have downloaded, just contact us and we will remove the problem file immediately.Text Size: A- A+ New Delhi: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has decided to register a case against the estranged wife of Union Minister Smriti Irani after the income tax department indicated it was looking into her acquisition of a flat in a private hospital by funding it with the money she has stashed overseas. The bank officials who attended to Irani’s overseas accounts over the past three years did not note any reason for such a huge withdrawal, leading to her complaints to the finance ministry. But as the years passed, it became apparent that she had withdrawn ‘hundreds of crores’, which the CBI, in its investigation, has linked to illegal transactions of both cash and benami property. The CBI has been investigating the allotment of a flat to Irani’s estranged wife, by the corporation, to which she also contributed close to Rs 5 crore in exchange for a medical certificate, without her having a medical degree. The CBI is also looking into the allotment of a flat at the Income Tax Department headquarters in New Delhi to her children, which she purchased through her husband’s benami property. The CBI is said to have found ample evidence to link the income of the latter to illegal transactions by depositing cash and benami property. The CBI has registered an offence and is awaiting a report from the income tax department on the allotment of the two flats to her family. The CBI has already booked Irani for criminal conspiracy. Also read: Can Smriti Irani contest Lok Sabha elections on her own? Her dream goes up in smoke Goa church gives money to build 3,000 homes for poor in UP In its complaint filed with the




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GTA Liberty City Stories PC Edition Beta 3.1.1.exe [Latest 2022]
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